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What to expect from HQ NY for players 13 - 15 

Video evaluation to identify player ability.  At this age 13 yr. players are moving to the big field.  The 14-15 yr. players are still interested in ball, we see a large drop off in this age group as the game picks up and becomes more competitive.  

This is evaluation is more geared towards the players attention, we encourage the parent to sit in with us, we need our parents to be involved in their child's development.  This evaluation gives the player and parent the foundation to reach their full potential. 


Our instruction is advanced hitting mechanics and it's important to follow the hitting plan we customize for each player. 

What do we look for.


How players balance and shift their weight.

How players position their feet.  The foundation of their body

How players use their lower half.  Do they create power

How players use their upper half.  Is there bat drag*, is the swing long or short.

*Bat drag is common with younger players, we find 1/3 of players ages 13-15 experience some form of bat drag.  This issue must be corrected first. 


What do we discuss.

We address any areas of the swing that needs the most improvement.

We do not try to change the players swing but build in what the player is most comfortable with.  The advantage of video it shows the good areas of the swing that we can leave alone and with what areas need to be improved.  Because we view many MLB swings as the example we need to emulate what high level players do.

We discuss and correct proper weight shift (if needed)

We discuss and correct proper use of the lower half (if needed)

We discuss and correct proper use of the upper half (if needed)

We discuss what is comfortable with the players weight shift and creating ground force.

We discuss the role of getting on plane, adjusting, getting short to the ball and role of the wrist.  

We will create a custom practice plan based on what the player needs.  All our drills focus specific parts of the swing.   We see changes with most players in a few hours, we avg. over 150 swings per session. 




Our Address:

51 Alpha Plaza.

Hicksville N.Y.

(make left after Petro and before U.S. Coffee. 

Getting Here:

We are located across from Cantiague Park, turn south at the light passing Petro on your left, make left after Petro and before U.S. Coffee. Building past the gate.



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