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What to expect from HQ NY for players 16 +

Video evaluation to identify the players mechanics.  At this age most players have a desire to play college ball.  We only concentrate on areas of the swing that need improvement that may affect the batted path of the ball.


We discuss weight shift and its roll to create power.  Correct as needed 

We discuss reaction ground force and it roll creating power.  Add into swing in most cases.

We discuss proper rhythm and balance. Add this into swing in most case.

We discuss getting short and on plane to the ball early.  Correct as needed. 

We discuss the roll of the wrist, how rolling or hinging can hurt more than help.

We discuss the much taught and swing killer hands to ball approach and why that approach is NOT used by high level hitters.  Correct as needed.

Our hour-long lesson will concentrate on areas of improvement and our proprietary drills are proven and used to correct any issues.  At this age we do not want to change the core of the swing.  The role of video is most important in the correction process. 


Our Address:

51 Alpha Plaza.

Hicksville N.Y.

(make left after Petro and before U.S. Coffee. 

Getting Here:

We are located across from Cantiague Park, turn south at the light passing Petro on your left, make left after Petro and before U.S. Coffee. Building past the gate.



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