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We understand you have many options when it comes to hitting instruction.  We have asked many parents and players who have had prior hitting instruction what was their session routine. 

We noticed a pattern,

Most sessions were a half hour with a high avg. cost

Most dropped a tee down sat on a bucket then went to side toss or front soft toss.  Parents said, “how could they see my child hitting when they were flinching.”

Most were confused with what they were being told.

Most had to pick up their batted balls, with a ½ hr. session that’s a waste of time.

Most said there was some video on a phone or tablet but was rarely used after during the following lessons.

Most said their instructors never identified or focused on specific areas of the swing. o They bounce around and every session cover the same issues.  Does not sound like they were not making improvements to us.


And most important 90% said there was no player evaluation before they started working with their instructor. What if your child had solid mechanics and needed a small correction?  Just maybe you did not need to spend money and time on sessions your child did not need.  In most cases players did not get better, when they called their instructor they were asked to come back in to pay for another lesson.  Makes us wonder.

In 2009 I was one of those parents, I went another direction with my child.  It started in my back yard moved around renting space and finally landing in Hicksville. I then asked former student Christian Faust to team up with me and that how HQ NY came to be.

Coach Anthony and Coach Christian WILL NOT start any instruction until we evaluate the player.  We believe no two players are alike, the video analyses will identify the ability of the player.  It shows us where the mechanics are strong and how can we improve on areas in more need.

Styles may differ but mechanics from one player to the next should be similar.  How can we say this?  Because we have over 500 swing clips.  We will view at least 5 MLB players and discuss MLB mechanics, we feel when looking at proper hitting mechanics players and parents understand what to look for.  We then look at the captured clips that’s when players and parents see the magic.  Most shake their head and say “we never saw that, they had had no idea."  We are not saying it's all bad we also discuss the good. 


So how does Hit Quarters NY hitting instruction differ from the rest? 

We are in the cage watching every swing NOT ducking batted balls.   We have the ability to capture every swing to analyze and view in large screen format. We can draw, measure angles, measure bat speed and best of all we can do side by side comparison with any of the 1000 clips in our data base.  Video instruction is the fastest and most effective technique to get players hitting to their potential.


HQ NY customizes hitting plans based on the players needs we concentrate on the mechanics that require the greatest improvement and use our proprietary drills that are proven to work.  We are always looking to improve our teaching and use the latest software and hitting aids creating a one of a kind training experience. 


Our Address:

51 Alpha Plaza.

Hicksville N.Y.

(make left after Petro and before U.S. Coffee. 

Getting Here:

We are located across from Cantiague Park, turn south at the light passing Petro on your left, make left after Petro and before U.S. Coffee. Building past the gate.



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